Kreuntjes en Kreetjes 63 / Sighs and Cries 63

Penis en Vagina

ze draagt haar naaktheid
als een koninklijk gewaad
bij het feestbanket

Penis en Vagina

als aperitief
nipt ze aan mijn genotknop
en likt mijn ballen

Penis en Vagina

bij het voorgerecht
vult de gulheid van mijn room
haar smachtende mond

Penis en Vagina

verzwelgt ze mijn orgasmen
bij het hoofdgerecht

Penis en Vagina

soepel neuk ik haar
van haar kruis tot in haar keel
tot kokhalzens toe

Penis en Vagina

dansend van genot
schenkt ze me als nagerecht
een lange tongzoen


Penis en Vagina

she wears nudity
as a coronation gown
in her court of love

Penis en Vagina

my aperitif
oozing gently, drip by drip
on her smiling lips

Penis en Vagina

time and time again
my cream fills her thirsty throat
as I keep cumming

Penis en Vagina

she’s insatiable
as she drinks my orgasms
during the main course

Penis en Vagina

I fill her body
from the underbelly up
right up to het throat

Penis en Vagina

she dances for joy
and gives me a wet French kiss
that will last all night


Illustrations of Erotic Encounters With Raffaele Marinetti

Perfect-Style-Knower Yvonne pin-up artwork Raffaele Marinetti

Illustrations of Erotic Encounters With Raffaele Marinetti.

Raffaele Marinetti is an Italian-born illustrator, painter and pin-up artist. Living in Naples, Raffaele produces an incredible volume of pin-ups, from sketches, pencil illustrations, digital paintings, watercolors and inked drawings. Just as stellar as his workload is the attention to detail and capturing of evocative expressions of his pin-up women.The alluring redhead that Raffaele named Lydia is the subject of many of Marinetti’s creations. Often he chooses to feature this particular pin-up queen colored in spectacular glory, resting against and contrasting her surroundings.

Marinetti has also featured Lydia with another of his pin-up lovelies, a brunette he calls Yvonne. The couple are often depicted in erotic lovemaking scenes, like the following sample: Another one of his Lydia pin-ups that we recently featured on our Facebook page for Pin-up Cartoon Girls. The red and flesh tones starkly stand out and command the attention…

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Erotic & Delicate Watercolors Of Tina Maria Elena Bak


Erotic & Delicate Watercolors Of Tina Maria Elena Bak.

Tina Maria Elena Bak is a half French and half Danish artist who is based in Odense, Denmark. Her specialization is in sensual and erotic watercolors on paper from a female perspective. A self-taught artist, she started working with the sensual themes in 2015. She combines colors with a strong definition of space, which allows a dreamlike interpretation of her erotic compositions. A social media sensation, she has over 200,000 followers on Instagram and has exhibited her works in Europe. Her watercolors are premiered in the United States at The Untitled Space’s EDEN exhibition at SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2019 curated by Indira Cesarine.
View her profile and available artwork on ARTSY.

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Kus / Kiss / Kuss / Bisou


een kus op het scherm
voor wie zich verlaten voelt
in de crisistijd

a kiss on the screen
for those of you who feel blue
in time of crisis

ein Kuss auf dem Schirm
für die, die alleine sind
in heutiger Zeit

bisou sur l’écran
pour tous qui se sentent seuls
en temps de crise

Vrouwendag / Ladies Day


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