Kreuntjes en Kreetjes 60 / Sighs and Cries 60


Penis en Vagina


met haar libido
maakt ze mijn un-dress codes

tedere likjes
brengen mijn trefzekerheid
naar een hoogtepunt

badend in het schuim
verzwelgt ze mijn orgasme
tot kokhalzens toe


she just blows my mind
and turns all my un-dress codes

every gentle lick
makes my aim more accurate
and determining

until I explode
and my orgasm quenches
unquenchable thirst


Kreuntjes en Kreetjes 46 / Sighs and Cries 46

Roos (4)

Nieuwe categorie / New category

U hebt het misschien al gezien: in de linkerkolom van deze website is een nieuwe berichtencategorie verschenen. Onder de veelzeggende titel Guilty Pleasures vindt u hier voortaan een steeds wisselende verzameling spannende foto’s. Het duurt wel eventjes voordat de reeks is opgestart. Klik op een ervan, blader, reageer en deel/herblog ze naar hartenlust. Veel plezier!


You may have noticed the new category in the left sidebar of this web site. Guilty Pleasures is a regularly updated series of exciting pictures. The series does take a while tu start up. Click any image to browse, react and share/reblog. Have fun!


Kreuntjes en Kreetjes 34 / Sighs and Cries 34

Vrouwendag op Liefdeseiland / Women’s Day on the Island of Love



crown jewel of creation
is what you really are
in every situation
you are my guiding star


the rivers of my love
run down your valley low
caress your every curve
and make your passion flow


just let your beauty shine
every night and day
and show me you are mine
forever and always


Kreuntjes en Kreetjes 33 / Sighs and Cries 33




Lieve volger/bezoeker,

Moet je horen, dit is echt geil…

De redactie van de Geilegraaf heeft ons gevraagd of ze ingezonden stukken van ons mogen publiceren!

We krijgen een eigen rubriek ‘Woordorgasme’ waarin we om beurten een stukje plaatsen, ieder vanuit ons eigen perspectief. Zo ontstaat een eindeloos, bloedgeil kettingverhaal.

Nieuwsgierig geworden? Kleed je uit, gebruik je muis als sexspeeltje op bovenstaande foto, en geniet!

Geile groetjes van Penis en Vagina, vanaf een zon(d)ig Liefdeseiland!


Dear follower/visitor,

Get ready for a real treat – provided you understand Dutch!

Dutch sexy online newspaper Geilegraaf asked our kind permission to publish columns written in cooperation by the two of us!

A special page ‘Word orgasm’ will contain horny pieces written from each of our points of view, thus building a potentially endless, sexy chain story.

Find out more! Get naked, use your mouse as a sex toy on the picture above, and enjoy!

Love from Penis and Vagina, (sin)fully at your service!


Kreuntjes en Kreetjes 20 / Sighs and Cries 20

Cascade of silence



her tresses came down in a silent cascade
her dress still dripping from the rippling pond
unnoticed by deer spotting the eagle’s crest

I watched her listening for the whistling birds
but all I could hear was the eagle’s far cry
her tresses came down in a silent cascade

smiling at me she blew me a kiss
before deciding to reluctantly abandon
her dress still dripping from the rippling pond

her body shone wet in the morning sun
as it came down in a cascade of silence
unnoticed by deer spotting the eagle’s crest



Kreuntjes en Kreetjes 19 / Sighs and Cries 19

Message in a bottle



Strolling down the beach in the placid dark of night
I heard an ethereal tingling in the silvery tide.
Looking around, I saw nothing – but then I heard a song,
a tender, meandering melody followed me all along.

A softly humming voice made me almost forget
all about the foamy waves that left the beach so wet.
My shoes got soaked, so I took them off and carried them in hand
and made my way back to the dunes to repose in the sand.


I just dozed off into sweet dreams when the voice returned to me,
I couldn’t help but listen, so beautiful sang she.
Her language was a strange one, I could not understand,
she must have come from very far, unknown, exotic land.

16 - 1

Then there appeared a shadow out of the misty dusk,
and I did smell the perfume of sweet seductive musk.
She danced towards me, almost nude, dressed in pearls alone,
and kept on singing all the while in the most harmonic tone.


She took me by the hand, and towed me back to sea,
the tide was out, which sealed my fate: the current soon took me.
I tried to swim for life, yet I was going down,
but much to my surprise, the water did not make me drown.


Instead, I grounded on a bank, of coral it was made,
and there she lay beside me, just in her natural state.
Then she told me of her life, they were wondrous tales,
she said: “welcome to my palace, I’m the princess of whales.


If you will be my prince, wherever we may roam,
then write a goodbye letter to your folks at home.”
So here it is, dear finder: so long and fare thee well,
if you take this message home, you’ll have a tale to tell!


Marine Harmony (6-word collab)

A spontaneous six/sex word story!

Poet Girl Em

Wanna get wet one more time?
Always up for one more time…
Hot and wet is what you’ll get!
I would expect there’s nothing less!
Settle for nothing but the best!
Life is too short to settle!
That’s my girl! Now please curl…
Anything you say, my good sir…
… and let your beauty thus unfurl!
Let my hair down, gently tug.
Then let’s lie on the rug.
Close to the hot fireplace, please?
Let the flames depict your silhouette!
Flickering walls, hot embers, hot me.
And your body plain to see!
What will you do with it?
Just enjoy… and make you glow!
I feel it head to toe…
Let your forms dance without weight…
…light as a feather, I fly…
My hands caress your secret spots…
…erogenous zones of heightened moans sing
Our bodies move in gentle harmony…
…notes of us play heavens above.
Our hips approach, thighs…

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