Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind

As I was on a business trip to a subtropic coastal resort I was unexpectedly wandering off to the shore during lunch time one day. It was to be a key moment in my life.


White as unwritten paper the deserted beach stretched out before me. The fragrance of the shore mixed with flower scent, the surf sang its tidal song. Respectfully, palm trees bowed to the ocean wind while rocks lasted forever.
“Hi, honey…”
Her whisper blossomed from the breeze and resounded inside my head. The surf washed my feet, and there she rose right before me. Shamelessly relaxed as the morning sun, her nudity emerged from the tidal waves. Her luscious forms glowed in the floodlight, caressed by the ocean foam. She stretched her slender figure, gracefully causing my imagination to run wild. She smiled, blew me a kiss… and strolled on to the shore, reflected in the wet sand, two palm trees forming a heart around her. Pacing gracefully and athletically she walked on to me, hands on her hips… her winking eyes were like pearls hypnotising me, I could not, would not run away from her spell… drifting on the sea breeze her perfume of exotic fruit filled my senses as she slowly drew nearer… behind her the tide went out more and more… her magic eyes were smiling, beckoning: “Come to me…”
At the touch of her body the fragrant haze of her nearness paralyzed me from head to toe. All she wore was her natural beauty, and the scent of a long, hot summer… irresistible to my touch, her presence was inescapable… her hair covered both of us in a bridal veil… and I was flooded by the incoming tide of her embrace. She sighed as all of her weightless, nude, fragrant, comfortingly warm body flowed around me, I was submerged in her tenderness… swallowed by the gentle swell of her forms caressing me like the ocean breeze I drifted away weightlessly on a cloud of love… and eventually drowned in her cherry brandy kiss.

Night was falling when our lips reluctantly parted. “What’s your name?” I asked. “I don’t need a name… feeling horny?” she whispered, smiling mysteriously and proceeding without further introduction: “I’ll make you a night you’ll never forget…”
She took me by the hand and led me into the flowery scent of moonlight. Her skin glowed softly as she led the way higher and higher up the cliff, the sea roaring way down deeper and deeper. The trail was like a maze perfectly matching my delirium. Every now and then I lost track of her, but then she reappeared, her graceful shadow depicted in the starry sky. Suddenly we reached the summit and the night revealed its grandeur. But she was all I noticed as she turned towards me. Her hair dissolved into the moon reflection on the water. Smiling with glossy lips she reached out to me, whispering: “Come to me…” and I couldn’t help drifting into her embrace, softer than moonlight…
We were entangled in another slippery French kiss when suddenly a cold, icy mist rolled in from the sea. I shivered as she stared at the lost horizon, softly humming an eerie song… the mist cleared revealing the image of a sailing ship, glowing silvery like a photo negative, shining like crystal as if she were covered in ice.
“Fore and aft!” she cried out into the night. Before I knew I was at the wheel while like an acrobat my strange companion flew through the rigging to set sail. The wind started to blow, the anchor chain rattled, the deck heeled, the bow wave rushed… the sea rose higher and higher, shimmering in the moonlight while the ship rode one big wave after another under all sail. The main deck was awash and she shamelessly took a sea water bath right before my very eyes. I couldn’t look away as she danced seductively around the main mast, her wonderful figure drenched by floods and sprays of ocean foam… she winked and blinked over her shoulder, her shining lips blew me a kiss… and for one brief moment I completely neglected my task as a helmsman. Luckily, the ship steadily kept her course so I might as well let go of the wheel. Not a single ply disturbed the humming canvas.
She climbed the stairs to the afterdeck: ‘’Steady as she goes…” she whispered into my ear, leaning against me, embracing me tenderly before climbing up the wheel case. Towering above me her wet, shining body danced and twisted, her hair whirled around her, she sang and I sang along as the ship tore through the moonlit hurricane…


Gradually the gale blew itself out as the ship came to anchor all by itself. Ringed by the flat horizon I wondered what was the idea but she soon made clear to me that I was to be her special guest for the night. She took me downstairs into the hold, slowly undressing me on the way as she whispered sweet little words. Eventually she pushed me on a large double bed. However, she didn’t lie down beside me yet but left me alone for a while.


The thought of trying to escape never even crossed my mind. I looked around the luxurious cabin, as spacious as a dance hall because there was no other furniture. It must have been a millionaire’s yacht. The silk bed cover caressed my naked body and I almost dozed off drugged by a faint perfume drifting around the room, probably caused by the candles that lit the walls. Hypnotized by a barely audible melody as if sung by an angel choir I awoke to the softly tingling sound of tiny bells when she reappeared and performed a wonderful nude dance around me on the bed. Swaying her hips, tossing her arms, graciously throwing her legs about, turning and whirling, kneeling down, bowing forward and backward… and rising again, her hair swirling around her gracious paces, she clearly enjoyed her beauty and was fully aware of me as I watched, and watched, and watched…


Perfectly balanced in a wonderfully seductive position she eventually put one foot on the bed. But her dance was far from over yet. Her hands started to roam about her silky skin, drawing my attention to her most intimate parts. Closing her eyes she licked her half-open lips that formed a red shining smile as she was clearly getting horny. Her hips were rocking gently as she caressed her breasts that gave in to the gentle pressure of her fingertips. Her nipples must have shivered with her almost unfeelable touch…
Giving a sigh she threw her head backwards, and spreading her thighs she kneeled at my feet on the bed. My erection had of course grown into massive proportions. Only then did she seem to realize that I was still there. Smiling hornily she looked down at me from the corner of her eyes. Blowing a kiss she reached out to my underbelly. I spread my legs all too willingly and was surprisingly relaxed at the touch of her fingertips as she began to caress rhe full length of my erection. I could not help closing my eyes although the sight was not to be missed as she slowly bent forward… and started licking the head. Her tongue was warm and wet, she groaned softly as the tip pole-danced up and down, up and down… every kind of sound made it clear that she really enjoyed the taste… playing gently with my balls her fingertips made way for my orgasm to explode like never before – and suddenly my hips made an uncontrollable jerk as a foamy fountain burst out right into her wide open mouth.

She gave a loud cry as her face was completely covered in cum. It streamed down her cheeks and neck, over her shoulders and between her breasts. This was the point of no return. Without any more foreplay her body slided on top of me like the tide washes the beach. “Now you make me cum…” her lips whispered almost inaudibly close to mine, “oh, please… feel my body? My body is soft… caressingly soft… as soft as ocean foam… from which I was born…”

The rest of her words were swallowed in our next French kiss which soon grew into a wild wrestling match without any of us trying to win. She was too strong for me anyway, her smile was of the purest love as my hands spread my cum all over her body. She moved like an acrobatic ballerina in order to let me cover all of her skin, thus making me so horny that my orgasms kept on coming and both of us were eventually shining in oil.

Next she sat on my face. “Come on, make me cum!” she shouted as my tongue found its way deep into her wide open pussy that was so wet and sticky I thought she had already come. Her thighs pushed me down on the bed as I looked up to her candlelit rocking figure that followed the rhythm of my licks. Gasping, shouting and screaming she gave in to her own unavoidable orgasm, twisting and tossing while massaging her breasts. I was still coming myself as well and my oily hands caressed her lovely butt. At last she gave a cry, louder than ever, and powerlessly fell over on top of me. The bed kept on rocking for quite a while as she embraced me with her long hot legs until I realized that the entire ship was moving from side to side as a result of our wild ride.

I could still feel her hips slightly rocking lazily when she slowly rolled off me. Rising elegantly from the bed in one continuous flow she smiled at me over her shoulder as she took a pink towel out of nowhere and whispered: “Want to take a shower?”

You bet I did. My erection rose again as she took it in her careful hand. The towel swayed along her back as her graceful figure led the way like a transparent, weightless fairy through a maze of corridors until we came to a door. “After you,” she said.

The bathroom was nothing less than a pool of luxury. There was a misty haze above the foamy water which appeared only knee-deep as she slowly dropped her towel, stepped in and started to make herself wet. Admiring her beauty I watched her wading towards a fountain springing from the centre of the pool. Gracefully spreading her legs she moved her pussy right above it and I could do nothing but watch how her hips swayed and jerked uncontrollably as the fountain caressed her folds. Sighing, panting, groaning shamelessly to an invisible lover below she enjoyed another orgasm almost immediately, rocking, rolling, dancing wilder and wilder as if she were devirginized. Lost amongst her luscious forms her hands wandered about her skin with twinkling fingernails.

She grabbed a large sponge from the water and spread lots of streaming foam over herself. This made her orgasm become explosive. Screaming for joy she splashed around until finally the fountain fell silent. She came back to her senses and looked at me as if she only saw me just now.

“Fuck me…” she whispered. I couldn’t believe my ears but her looks were undeniable. Blowing kiss after kiss she approached as I froze in awe for a while before stepping into the water.

“Come on baby, fuck me…” she repeated. She filled my eyes with her foamy forms, her bath oil perfume penetrated my lungs as her body touched me from head to toe. Relaxedly she stood against me, spreading her thighs, rocking her hips… I caressed her wide open pussy, oh how wet she was! Her lovely breasts filled my hands, her nipples sparkling at the twist of my wet fingertips… my erection found its way up her underbelly until I couldn’t hold my orgasm any longer and spilled all of my hot love oil over her. It streamed down her legs into the foamy water. I started to polish her body with it until she shone like silk. Gracefully lifting her arms she allowed me to do as I pleased, giving in to both her and my wildest desires, gently rocking, twisting and turning as my hands followed every move of her wonderful figure. Her breasts made wet sounds to my touch, she licked her horny smile as I grabbed everything I could get hold of. Spreading her legs she made me hornier than ever, groaning: “Fuck me… oh, fuck me…” as I was caught in the swell of temptation… and suddenly stabbed her with my love dagger.

Licking her nipples I buried my face in her breasts. Her legs swung around me, caught me tight, I rode her like a wild mare, she shouted and screamed: “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Struggling wildly without force she enjoyed my erection topping her femininity up to my balls. The water and our love foam made wet squeaking sounds to our instoppable belly dance that became wilder and wilder, our embrace entangled to an unloosenable knot, our endless French kiss one slimy orgy. Splashing around we eventually sank to the bottom of the pool. Her pussy insatiably swallowed my orgasms one after the other while I expected to drown any moment. However, this did not happen yet as our kiss provided a fine means of breathing. But in the end I was suffocated in a tornado of orgasmic fury – and definitively lost my senses.

“You’re a quiet one! Have been all along.”

My business partners woke me up from my dreams as I stared out of the restaurant window. I didn’t remember taking a seat at the lunch table at all.

What could I say? How could I possibly explain what happened? Could I think of anyone who would believe one word of my story?

No-one seemed to have noticed my return from the beach. Nobody as much as turned their heads when the crystal white, shining ship wore round and sailed back dead into the wind while she was dancing sensually on top of the wheel case, winking seductively, blowing me a parting kiss for the very last time…


(is it?)

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